الخيارات الثنائية TraderXP The official results for the BPSCA Dog Trials 2016, held at Tally Ho, Edgbaston, on Saturday the 9th of July, courtesy of West Midlands Police, and gratefully sponsored by Natural Instinct, Julius K9 UK Ltd, and Wagtail UK Ltd.

تعليقه هنا VICTOR LUDORUM (Highest Marks for all competitions presented with the Editors Cup)

زيارة الصفحة الرئيسية Congratulations to returning champion J J Fitzpatrick & Jimmy (282)

تداول الذهب الالكترونية SERVICE DOG OF THE YEAR (Serving Dog Handlers only, (Full Members))sdoty2016-b&w

خط أنابيب الربح الخيارات الثنائية 1st PC A Noble & PD Evo (South Yorkshire Police) (247)

الخيارات الثنائية مؤشر التنبؤ 2nd PC S Gill & PD Rocky (South Yorkshire Police) (220)

الصفحة التالية 3rd PC A Jerreat & PD Elmo (Avon & Somerset Police) (215)

بعت اسهم ولا نزلت بحسابي بالراجحي زين السعودية WORKING DOG OF THE YEAR (BPSCA Full and Associate Members not entitled to enter the Service Dog of the Year) 1st J J Fitzpatrick & Jimmy (282)

رأي 2nd I Griffiths & Paco (230)

انظر هذه الصفحة 3rd D Salisbury & Zelk (213) MANWORK (Neil Yates Trophy)

1st  PC S Gill & PD Rocky (South Yorkshire Police)

2nd J J Fitzpatrick & Jimmy

3rd PC A Noble & PD Evo (South Yorkshire Police)

وش افضل شركة اسهم السعودية OBEDIENCE (Presidents Cup)

1st D Salisbury & Zelk

2nd F Ashford & Dennis

3rd J J Fitzpatrick & Jimmy

forex توصيات AGILITY (Zak & Scruff Cup)

1st D Salisbury & Zelk

2nd J J Fitzpatrick & Jimmy

3rd F Ashford & Dennis

تنبيه الفوركس PROPERTY SEARCH (Property Search Cup)

1st J J Fitzpatrick & Jimmy

2nd PC A Jerreat & PD Elmo (Avon & Somerset Police)

3rd PC A Noble & PD Evo (South Yorkshire Police) SUBSTANCE DETECTION

1st AO L Cox & Poppy (Border Force) (295)

2nd PO P Wooton & Paddy (HM Prison Service) (288)

3rd AO M Sotiris & Ollie (Border Force) (280)



Champion coats provided by X9K9 Ltd and rosettes provided by RONCOL Dog Training.  Agility obstacles kindly loaned by X9K9 Ltd, Cosford Dog Training, and The Way of the Dog Ltd.

On behalf of the BPSCA thank you to all competitors for taking part and making it a truly competitive and spirited even, congratulations to all dog teams that were placed in respective disciplines.  Thank you to the Judges & the Stewards, and thank you to all the helpers that supported the Association Committee on the day of the event, the trial could not run without your invaluable support.

Shaun Hesmondhalgh, Honorary Secretary