visit this site The BPSCA position regarding the use of its logos by the Association Membership was ratified at the AGM on the 1st of October 2015.  Below is a copy of Schedule I to the BPSCA Constitution 2015, dated 1st of October 2015.  Members who choose to display permitted Association logos are to adhere to Schedule I.

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browse around this web-site Schedule I – Use of Association Logo

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1.           In this schedule:


click to find out more “member” means any of: life member, full member, associate member, honorary member.


agence rencontre a2 “use” means any use whatever, in any context. It includes use of any similar name, logo, artwork or expression which could be confused with that of the Association.


2.          All legal rights in the name and various logos of the British Police & Services Canine Association (the “Association”) are the property of the Association.  They may not be used by any person or organisation without permission of the Association in writing.


3.          This schedule sets out certain permissions which are exceptions to the general rule stated above.  The exceptions are for use of some version of the logo, name or initials by a member. They are subject to the further requirements set out below.


4.          Every exception stated here is subject to the ongoing requirement of the permitted person to abide by the rules set out in the BPSCA constitution, and in particular the maintenance of proper dog welfare standards as defined in Section 3 of the constitution.


5.          Every exception is also subject to the general law.  Use must be appropriate, proportionate, clear and honest.


6.          A member may use the authorised BPSCA logo only to denote his individual association with the BPSCA.  He may not use it, commercially or otherwise, on behalf of any organisation of which he is a member or director.


7.          An associate member must obtain specific written authority from the BPSCA Committee before using the name or logo.


8.          Commercial use must specifically state that such use does not confer any endorsement by the Association.


9.          The permission provided in this schedule does not extend to any member whose membership is not current and fully paid.  The Association accepts no responsibility to inform a member about the status of a permission.


10.        Failure to abide by the terms laid down in this Schedule may lead to suspension or expulsion from the BPSCA as provided in Section 5 of the BPSCA Constitution, or to legal action.


Note: it is a criminal offence for any person or organisation to take any action which could be interpreted as passing him/herself off as a police officer when he/she is not.  That includes the use of any insignia similar to that of any insignia used by any police force in the United Kingdom.