فوركس العرب BPSCA Position: The British Police and Service Canine Association do not condone or endorse the use of electric collars (e-collars), and, prong or pinch collars, by its members.  The Association has reached this decision based on the strict working policies of those agencies from which full members join; the HM Armed Forces, HM Prison Service, Home Office Police Forces (, National Fire Service, and the UK Border Force.  All of the above agencies prohibit the use of such equipment when training police and service dogs.


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go site BPSCA Objectives: The objectives of the Association include the following;

بيدا خيار ثنائي DENGAN الفوركس
  • To promote the highest professional standards of dog welfare and compassion amongst the BPSCA Membership.
  •  To engage with other professional bodies and associations for the purpose of promoting canine welfare and ethical training in order to influence the raising of professional standards and the formulation of dog related legislation.  Justification:

بحاجة إلى استراتيجية بسيطة الخيارات الثنائية Pit Bull PortraitThe use of e-collars, and, prong or pinch collars, clearly falls outside of the objectives of the Association.  The use of such equipment for the purpose of dog training is at the very least questionable, in some cases possibly considered a breach of animal welfare buy antibiotics online under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and for our membership living in Wales illegal (The Animal Welfare (Electronic Collars) (Wales) Regulations 2010).


مؤشر الاسهم السعودي On the 6th of August 2015 the BPSCA Committee reached a unanimous decision to distance the Association from any member(s) that chooses to use such equipment for dog training.  All members are to note that the Association will not support the use of such equipment, under any circumstances, and any member(s) identified as using such equipment may be suspended or expelled from the Association.

ما هو أفضل وسيلة لكسب المال Service Dog & Working Dog of the Year: 

go here The BPSCA Service Dog of the Year and Working Dog of the Year Competitions make it clear in the Schedule of Tests and the Trials Entry Form that the use of e-collars, and, prong or pinch collars, is strictly prohibited.  Any member found to be using such equipment prior to the competition, or whilst competing, will be immediately disqualified from the competition and may be suspended or expelled from the Association.  

الخيارات الثنائية بوت الثروة Original statement signed off on the 1st of October 2015 by;

الفوركس المالي

watch President:  Mr Sam Perrie

go Chairman:  Mr Ron Stanley

enter Legal Secretary:  Mr Shaun Hesmondhalgh

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