Senior Sponsors

Natural Instinct

Natural Instinct is an ethical company focused on delivering the highest standards of food and nutritional support to our dogs and cats.  The companies ethos fits well within the aims and objectives of the Association, notably to promote the highest standards of animal welfare


Julius K9

JULIUS-K9 UK LTD is a UK based company providing customers with some of the best dog harnesses, dog leashes, dog training equipment and many other high quality canine equipment made by Julius K9. You can find most of your needs related to dog accessories and equipment. You will find quality products for different kinds of dogs, working dog, security dog, all type of service or pet dog.

Julius-K9 was the first company in Europe to manufacture dog harnesses, protective equipment and other accessories for dog owners under the K9 brand name. The technical experts of the company have mainly developed their reputation for creating the dog harnesses, using original technical solutions for these products not used before. In 2003 the manufacturing company justly awarded the term “Power” to its dog harnesses, after all the second largest Austrian police training centre and fire service used them with excellent results during their actual roles as emergency services.

  • Julius K-9 manufacturing probably the best dog handling and training equipment in the world.
  • Most of the parts were made in Germany.
  • The quality is unrivaled, our prices unbeatable.
  • Used by most of the European police, armed services, prisons, customs and commercial security.
  • We have a life time of association with working trials, agility and obedience. Our products are based upon the practical demands of a working dog team.
  • We can guarantee that our products are unequaled in quality and finish, and unbeatable on cost.
  • Easy handling
  • Very popular in Germany and Europe.


Wagtail UK

Wagtail UK was established in 2003. It provides detection dogs and related services for Government agencies such as the Border Force, HM Revenue & Customs, Police, Trading Standards, and Armed Forces.  Wagtail is contracted by the Border Force to provide ‘Body Detection Dogs’ (for illegal immigrants) in Northern France 24/7, 365 days a year.  Its sister company ‘Conservation Dogs’ is an innovative pioneering company providing a centre for training of specialist detection dogs for both Wildlife Crime Detection and Wildlife Conservation.

An international, multi-award winning company, Wagtail dogs can detect firearms, explosives, drugs, cash, tobacco and products of animal origin including ivory, pangolin scale, bush meat, leopard skin and ‘live’ animals.  The Wagtail International School of Excellence (WISE) is an international training school, providing specialist dog training courses for government agencies and private clients.  It is approved by the Ministry of Defence to provide courses for service leavers.  Our instructors and staff are vastly experienced at working in hostile environments having worked in areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan, The Balkans and Northern Ireland.  We use British Military methods of dog training incorporating methods recommended by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers).


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